Dr. Carolyn StoneWelcome to my practice. If you are reading this now, you are probably looking for help with difficult feelings, a painful relationship or both.

  • Maybe you are troubled by anxious or sad feelings that have become unmanageable and interfere with your ability to do things you enjoy, even to get on with daily life.
  • Maybe you and a partner or friend are stuck in a conflict that neither one of you can find a way through.
  • Or perhaps memories and strong feelings from earlier experiences haunt you in the present and make it difficult to fully participate in your life.

These are the kinds of difficulties that bring people to my office. I am a licensed psychologist with over thirty years of experience. I see people individually and in couples. I enjoy this work because it is new and interesting with each person I meet. Over the years I have added skills to also keep the work new and useful.

I would be happy to talk to you to consider whether we can work together in a helpful way for you.