Joining a New Generation

This past weekend I met my grandniece.  She is three months old, and I think she is adorable.  The visit prompted some reflection on the nature of families and generations.  This little babe has bumped me into a new generation — that of the “grands”, along with my sister who is now a grandmother.  My nephew and wife are now parents.  It was a pleasure to see them joyously and comfortably taking on that role. This is a pretty mundane experience — it’s what happens in families.  But I did notice that I’m in a new generation now. 

I reflected on how families can support each other over the miles.   Recently the new babe’s parents had professional obligations on a weekend, and my sister travelled to stay with them and care for her granddaughter.  Distance precludes doing that very often, but evidently it worked out very well.  We joked about having them move in together.  I know more than a few families who have done that to support new parents where both parents work. 

While we walked around Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon, my nephew’s wife and I talked about returning to work and finding care for our babies.  My baby is almost twenty-five, but we found similar feelings about balancing work and motherhood.  We agreed that there are times that it is a relief to go to work where life is a bit more predictable.  We are both in helping professions, so we could share the need to balance the energy we give to clients and the energy we need for family. 

Even across the miles and episodically I expect that our family will support this new family.  My extended family has not lived in the same neighborhood for nearly fifty years now.  This new family has already found supports among their solid group of friends.  It takes a village, as the saying goes.  It was good to be a small part of the village for this young family.


2 Responses to “Joining a New Generation”
  1. Carolyn,

    What a beautiful reflection on families. As someone who has benefited greatly from the help and support of extended family, reading this made me smile.


  2. dr.cstone says:

    Thanks, Ann