Still Time for Summer Fun, But It’s Running Out!

fatherandsonIt’s almost the middle of August, and in my part of the country school will start in three weeks.  I know that in many areas school is already underway, and you have my sympathy (or congratulations, depending on how your summer has gone).  Here in the Northeast we are having perfect summer weather.  It’s a good time to think about what you wanted to do his summer and what you can still fit in.

I know that it’s also time to prepare for the school year—shopping for clothes and supplies and anticipating the demands of school with your children, especially with your special needs children.  I’ll cover that last in my newsletter, Parents’ Corner, next week.  Right now let’s think about fitting in the best of summer fun.

Does your family have particular summer outings that you all anticipate every year?  You probably have to consider what kinds and how much fun (stimulation) your children can enjoy.  Check in with the kids to find out what they thought they’d get to do this summer.  Have a discussion about what’s realistic in the family budget and what isn’t.  Consider what’s realistic for your kids to enjoy as well.  Here are some that have been big in my family and others that I know.

  1. A trip to a favorite ice cream shop.
  2. A day at an amusement park.
  3. A day (or many) at the beach.
  4. A camping trip.
  5. Lobster (or fried clams) on the shore (I’m in New England, after all—plan to cover this one this weekend).
  6. Camping in the back yard.
  7. A trip to the mountains.
  8. Here in New England a trip to Storyland and Clarks Trading Post in the White Mountains.
  9. Canoeing or kayaking on a local lake, river or bay.
  10. Miniature golf.
  11. An afternoon on a local bike trail.

I like the fact that so many of the pleasures of summer cost so little. What are your family favorites?  Let me know.  And plan some relaxed summertime with your kids before we all get back into the rush and crush of the school year.


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Photo Credit: Lisa Jacobs on Flickr

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